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Msg ID: 2565825 helicopter position lights +0/-0     
4/13/2019 7:50:16 PM

With regard to position lights. I noticed some helicopters have a choice of steady or flash. Are there any formal or informal rules/guidelines on when to use one over the other?

Thanks in advance.

Msg ID: 2565826 helicopter position lights +1/-0     
Author:Fox 6
4/13/2019 8:03:24 PM

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Check you AIM! Flashing could momentarily reduce your workload if you got intercepted I guess.   Used to use flashing in the military for lost comm procedures.  I don't recall flying a civilian bird with a flashing position.

Msg ID: 2565830 The answer +4/-2     
Author:Can't make this up!
4/13/2019 8:15:14 PM

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When position lights are on, they must not flash on and off ... they must remain on and be visible throughout certain angles ... NOW, LED brightness is a function of cycles per second, not neccesarily voltage change. Some LED position lights have a function that "dims" them for an instant, which to the human eye is "flashing". You see, they are never "off" during the perceived flash, therefore legal. They technically are not flashing, just ranging in intensity.

They are STC'd as original replacement with a simple placard on how to initiate the fake flash vs the steady light.

Msg ID: 2565834 The answer +0/-1     
4/13/2019 8:27:18 PM

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Flashing during daylight only, night ops require them to be steady

Msg ID: 2565838 The answer +11/-1     
Author:weird but true
4/13/2019 8:30:35 PM

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When I was getting my rating (down in Alabama), I was flying my Robbie at night with flashing position lights and it seems that all the military ships in the area thought I was the lead ship in the formation.

When I landed at the airport and got out, I found there were 28 TH-57's, 19 TH-56's, 8 TH-1H's, 12 MH-60L's, 7 V-22's, 4 MH-47F's and the POTUS in a VH-3D parked on the ramp, all behind me shutting down. The moral of the story is stick to the non-flashing ones if you don't want to attract a crowd and end up in jail (like my Instructor, not me).

This is a true, but Classified Story and anyone repeating it will be Assanged.

Msg ID: 2565909 The answer +0/-1     
Author:Still can't make this stuff up
4/14/2019 9:26:24 AM

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The jist of the explanation is that even though you think they are flashing, they really are not!

Bonus question: How many cycles per second are the flourescent lights flashing? They are not steady state either.

Msg ID: 2565839 helicopter position lights +1/-1     
4/13/2019 8:30:58 PM

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Shouldn't they be flashing if the pilot in the left seat is flying the approach so the LSE knows who is flying?

Msg ID: 2565860 Hueys had flash feature. After landing at night +0/-1     
Author:went to flash during
4/13/2019 10:36:14 PM

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cooldown/coastdown. And the aforementioned lost comm, which never happened in my 45 years of flying.

Msg ID: 2565870 Hueys had flash feature. After landing at night +2/-1     
Author:Any one Fly in Air assault unit ?
4/13/2019 11:12:54 PM

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We would go flash untill ready for take off, when the whole flight was steady trail would call code word, every body pulled pitch, fun times

Msg ID: 2565883 Hueys had flash feature. After landing at night (NT) +1/-0     
4/14/2019 1:11:04 AM

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Msg ID: 2565910 always one guy stuck in bam still. Huey Huey Huey (NT) +0/-4     
Author:Get with the times itís 2019
4/14/2019 9:33:15 AM

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Msg ID: 2565933 Sorry your fragile ego is so easily threatened. (NT) +2/-0     
Author:Have a nice day.
4/14/2019 10:54:50 AM

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Msg ID: 2565899 well... +4/-0     
4/14/2019 8:12:23 AM

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you need to know what is a position light. Which you obviously don't.

Msg ID: 2565943 It all depends........ +0/-0     
4/14/2019 11:55:21 AM

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on which one is on top, whether you use one "over" the  Get a life.

Msg ID: 2566215 well...I might add...and where do these people come from? +1/-0     
4/15/2019 2:02:23 PM

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Did he really ask that?

Msg ID: 2566246 helicopter position flights (NT) +1/-0     
Author:Part 91
4/15/2019 5:31:48 PM

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Msg ID: 2566304 helicopter position lights +2/-0     
Author:All I
4/15/2019 9:14:21 PM

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know is position lights have traditionally been steady bright.  Flashing was a thing in the military but never seen it in civil operations.  I don't think anyone would get in trouble over the subject but don't let an FAA lawyer get involved.