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Msg ID: 2554594 Mechanics retiring..... +2/-1     
Author:What you guys doing?
2/6/2019 12:40:40 PM

coming up on 40 years of working ems

off shore operations. Body still good, tired of paperwork and the millennials know it all attitude. What are the guys doing that retired

Msg ID: 2554705 Mechanics retiring..... +5/-0     
2/7/2019 11:24:34 AM

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Wall Mart Greater in Bangkok.

Msg ID: 2554708 Mechanics retiring..... +1/-1     
2/7/2019 11:29:16 AM

Reply to: 2554594

Building my Hot Rod , Travelling and Contract work.

Msg ID: 2554748 Mechanics retiring..... +2/-1     
Author:Driving an OTR truck
2/7/2019 1:22:53 PM

Reply to: 2554708

Seeing the USA in my Freightliner while making a few dollars.

Msg ID: 2554754 Mechanics retiring..... +2/-1     
2/7/2019 1:38:47 PM

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Spoiling the grandkids and fishing.

Msg ID: 2554755 Day drinking!!!!!!!! (NT) +1/-0     
2/7/2019 1:48:41 PM

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Msg ID: 2554759 Find something to do ! +0/-0     
2/7/2019 2:13:58 PM

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Putter, putter, putter,putter enough too go to bed tired, then wake up in the morning re-tired.

Msg ID: 2554782 Day drinking!!!!!!!! +1/-0     
Author:Whiskey fueled beer cooled
2/7/2019 6:03:50 PM

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LOL our Mechs do that NOW

Msg ID: 2554828 Day drinking!!!!!!!! +0/-0     
2/7/2019 10:57:21 PM

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So did I, just not in the hangar!!!!!

Msg ID: 2554764 Mechanics retiring..... +5/-4     
Author:Same here!
2/7/2019 2:49:18 PM

Reply to: 2554594

i just retired after 40 years rotorwing, GOM, EMS, Corporate, AK, Fires. Main reason was cause of the know it all,  disrespectful melinials also! What a terrible generation we’ve raised! Both pilots and mechanics! When I was coming up through the ranks, I always respected and sought advice and information from my senior mechanics. “ yes, as always, there were some real losers in the ranks”. But, all in all, worked extremely well with others and listened to the more experienced guys! Two seasons ago, almost got in an actual fight with a young brand new A&P over him changing parts that were well within limits. I had a 2x4 laying 2 foot away to take him out if he swung. The idiot “from Seattle area”still had his temporary paper ertificate. Reported him and not a thing was done! Had a fire pilot with total of 6 weeks experience “former rookie tour pilot”  being extremely careless and violating safety procedures. I called him out privately and explained I am just trying to help keep him safe. He blew up and again, we almost went after it. I said screw this, will be reading about him in an accident report one day! Just hope he’s alone when it happens! There are some good jobs local and pay just as well. I have a CDL, drive medical patients part time just for something to do. Also, with mechanical background, help out at the local ACE hardware. Just check around local, these young spoiled melenials are worthless. Lots of work available if you’re willing to work!

Msg ID: 2555163 Mechanics retiring..... +0/-0     
2/10/2019 7:30:24 AM

Reply to: 2554764

What is the regulation that prohibits removing  an airworthy part and replacing with another airworthy part?  If he didn’t feel comfortable with it or didn’t think it would make it to the next inspection interval, who are YOU to tell him otherwise?  He very well could have prevented an incident. I’ve seen experienced guys change entire components when a simple seal change would have corrected the leak that was well within limits. If an A&P decides he should replace an airworthy part, his license (paper or plastic) gives him the authority to do so. 

Msg ID: 2554765 Mechanics retiring..... +5/-1     
Author:enjoying it
2/7/2019 2:54:40 PM

Reply to: 2554594

Retired after 41 years. Kept myself in good shape physically, mentally and financially through the years and now and living the good life. Plenty of hobbies, house projects, fishing and traveling. Don't miss the BS that showed up in the last few years but still have plenty good memories of times past.

Msg ID: 2554912 Mechanics retiring..... +3/-0     
Author:Did 55
2/8/2019 6:34:10 PM

Reply to: 2554594

years of flying.  To answer your question, though I assume this is the maintenance scenario, I am doing absolutely nothing but tend to the house and yard and grand kids.  Worked long enough, time to live.

Msg ID: 2555267 Mechanics retiring..... +0/-0     
2/10/2019 7:45:42 PM

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absolutely nothing.