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Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned  

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Author: smalloperatorblues   Date: 1/1/2021 2:10:28 PM  +12/-1  

I quit my job yesterday, so will recap my experience here.  

I had been wrenching for 16 years, and flying a Jetranger as a side hustle.  Sightseeing.  Pipeline.  Small time stuff.

Back in February, I answered an ad for a pilot position.  It was with a one horse mom & pop outfit, but I only had about 1300 hours and felt that it could be a good opportunity to get out of my maintenance job.  Telephone interview went well and then an in-person interview was scheduled.

The in person interview went smoothly, except that they kept asking about my maintenance experience.  I mean, asking way more questions about what I have worked on than questions about my flight experience.  Then they asked me if I would be willing to assist their regular mechanic as needed.

The job required that I relocate, so I didn't want to be backed into a corner with some bait and switch bullsh__.  I felt that I was crystal clear when I said, "I'm applying to be a pilot.  If I want to be a mechanic, I can stay where I am."  They assured me that I would only be "assisting" and that it wouldn't be often.

Well, I guess I'm a dumbass for not heeding that giant flashing warning sign.  I relocated and started the job in May.  And right out in the door, they ask me to start performing an annual inspection and service on their helicopter.  They tell me that their regular mechanic will be joining me in a week or two, but that he was not on hand right then because of COVID.

There was a contract pilot (friend of their family) that came in to give me a check-out in the helicopter, and he would cover for me when I wanted time off.  He was a Nam era Army pilot.  A really great guy, who was more than happy to give me pointers.

Of course, there never was a regular mechanic.

As mentioned, it's a 1-ship operation - so I'm not overworked.  I never let them down.  I kept the helicopter airworthy and we never missed any flight requests.  Never.  But I just really don't like being lied to, and don't like being taken advantage of, so a few weeks ago I put in my notice.

What do they do?  They tell me to perform another annual inspection on the helicopter before my departure date.  I declined.  The current annual is good until May.

Wednesday they told me they have a replacement pilot lined up; a woman who was furloughed from an airline feeder.  They can ask her to do the annual when it's due.


New year, new plan.
I have a gig lined up to start in February.  I'll take january off to catch up on my drinking.



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Lesson Learned +12/-1 smalloperatorblues 1/1/2021 2:10:28 PM