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Do Helicopters Have Blue Lights?

Do Helicopters Have Blue Lights?  

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Author: melken   Date: 10/28/2019 5:44:34 PM  +1/-3  

Hi, I'm resorting to this helicopter forum in the hope someone may be able to tell me what I saw a few months ago. I live near Manchester Airport ( UK) and I'm used to seeing many passenger aircraft both in daylight and at night. I know the usual lighting configuration of aircraft and as I'm on the approach I'm used to seeing red / green / white lights.  Last January , approx 8pm so a pitch black night, I saw 3 lights that I'd describe as blue / white in colour and slightly larger than I'd expect to see aircraft navigation lights. When I first saw them they were equally spaced horizontally and I took them to be  lights on an approaching aircraft.  From the direction they were approaching I knew the aircraft would have to bank to its left to align itself with the runway ( approx 12 miles away). The lights did bank in the manner I would expect however the bank continued to increase and I thought no way would an aircraft with passengers perform such a manouvere , the passengers would be on edge. The bank continued until the ligths were in a vertical line and it was then I doubted it was an aircraft. The lights appeared to descend but then blinked out one at a time as though they in turn turned to their right and so I assumed ther ligth was on the front and was nolonger pointing towards me. Their direction was now taking them at right angles to the airport. So the question is does anyone know any aircraft / helicopters that would have these lights on. No other coloured lights were seen. I can only assume that maybe they were military helicopters on some sort of mission or training exercise, but why so close to a major airport? 

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Do Helicopters Have Blue Lights? +1/-3 melken 10/28/2019 5:44:34 PM