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There's Good News and Bad News

There's Good News and Bad News  

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Author: Public Service - Paragraphs   Date: 7/3/2019 2:28:55 AM  +10/-2   Show Orig. Msg (this window) Or  In New Window

At $50 per flight hour to start, and assuming you fly 80 hours per month...which scheduling will try their best to get out of you...then you make $4000 per month before taxes. But that isn't all of the story...aside from the various trip rigs and per diem money, they'll usually want you to work over a few days every month. It happens...people get sick, people get fired, people take vacation...and with the bonuses they pay for work over, you can make half again your salary every month.

All together, an FO after training and with a couple months on the line to figure out how to work the system might be averaging 6 Large per month before Sam's cut. This is not chump change but neither is it what you could be making in some helicopter jobs. And you will work for it...harder than you will in those helicopter jobs...18 to 20 days per month in run-of-the-mill (at best) crew hotels, six legs a day fueled with leftover snack food and soft drinks.

There is an upside...providing there's no recession, or war, or another major terrorist attack, or an asteroid impact: As things stand now, in a couple of years you'll be in the left side making double this start pay and earning it by doing the same crummy stuff I've already listed, plus answering the mail for every thing that goes wrong (that's a lot, sometimes), plus nursemaiding some Klutz in the right seat that is just as clueless 'bout flying them Jets as you were when you started.

And maybe...not surely, but maybe...yeah, five or seven years more, and you're trading in those four-stripes for another brand new set of co-jo boards, but this time in the right seat of a grown-up jet for a grown-up airline...with a pay cut, but not much...and the prospect of the Big Brass Ring if you can hang on to upgrade and get Captain's Pay at that Major. ...And from then on? Easy Street...providing you don't muff a semi-annual check or a Physical...15 to 20 days per month on the road, 3-4 legs a day...lather, rinse, repeat.

I'm not going to try to make anybody feel ashamed or blow sunshine up your keister, either: Airline flying is real flying and it's real tough. It's a grind and if you can't hack it, they'll lose

Helicopter flying is what it is, as well, and the job you get determines what you do and how much you get paid.

The point is, do what you want, and if you think you want it and don't go for it, you will regret it the rest of your life. Just stop either crowing about it, or bitching about it, or trying to convert somebody else to your way of thinking, and just get on with it.

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