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Regarding the Crash in NYC

Regarding the Crash in NYC  

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Author: NYC Pilot   Date: 6/11/2019 9:12:32 PM  +19/-1  

We don't have all the answers yet ... 

Yes, we all agree he should have never been out in those conditions without having an IFR ticket and being on an instrument flight plan IF he could legally depart from that heliport IFR (You have to maintain special VFR and go out with La Guardia to go IFR out of there)

That said, the initial video has him pointing down about 80 degrees, then pulls back hard. If he was recovering, I quesiton why he went back into the clouds again

1) Possibly a medical condition

2) Possible from his vantage point, he had no visibility?

3) Mechanical?

Lots of questions...Some things are obvious, as some have pointed out, he should not have been there. Some things not so obvious, why did he ascend back into the clouds? His flight path followed the river all the way around as well. Was he hoping to break out?

Let's wait to see what other data comes out and hopefully we can all learn something from this

Even the best of pilots make mistakes. It happens...We just hope that those mistakes are not so bad that we get in touble, hurt someone/something, or lose our own lives.


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Regarding the Crash in NYC +19/-1 NYC Pilot 6/11/2019 9:12:32 PM