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Helicopter EMS Safety

Helicopter EMS Safety  

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Author: EX Gomer   Date: 2/9/2019 9:59:06 AM  +18/-2  

Very sad to see these accidents lately. As a EMS helicopter pilot for 8 years in a mountainus region and a gomer pilot before that I have seen a lot of things. I believe the biggest problem starts in the cockpit with the pilot you have to know when to say NO. There is tremendous presure to accept a flights in EMS  now days due to increased competition and expected flight numbers. There have been numerious flights I have turned down for weather that my competetiors have flown and I always hear about how company  XYZ completed the flight who cares I do not. I am still here after flying since 1976. It is hard on some newer pilots ego not mine. My idea of a hero is a sandwich. I feel there are three  things that could be done;

1) Raise the minunums and raise the pay you pay peanuts you get monkeys think about how much money an airline pilot gets paid with 20 years experience compared to a helicopter pilots with 20 years experience. I feel if you took an airline pilot on a typical night scene flight in the mountains at minunums dodging powerlines trees vehicles and over excited first responders on the ground he would tell us we were nuts for doing this for truck driver wages. 

2) More  IIMC training and better equiped helicopters (Auto pilot glass cockpit ect) 2 pilot IFR would be nice but not very practical at this time BTW didnt a ERA 2 pilot IFR ship fly into the water a few years ago. Due to pilot error

3) Mentally screen pilots I have had friends that work in sales and they take a personality profile test to see if they have the aggresive personality the company is looking for. How about screening pilots the same way and send the aggresive heros down the road.

Just my 2 cents

BTW I know my spelling sucks I am in In  my 60's and cannot figure out how to use spell checker on my post.   

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Helicopter EMS Safety +18/-2 EX Gomer 2/9/2019 9:59:06 AM