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Industry Adjustment

Industry Adjustment   

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Author: Anonymous   Date: 2/3/2019 7:53:23 AM  +1/-1   Show Orig. Msg (this window) Or  In New Window

oh i agree with what u say. but the original guy's error is forgetting that we live in a capitalist society. for all but a very few operations (government, either civil or military), everything has to be on a paying basis.

that's the reason for all the little vfr ships, and for what few we have, ifr on an spifr basis. now there are exceptions, like for the big hospital contracts. yes, they are "commercial" but don't forget, they are heavily subsidized by the hospital.

in short it's just a law of mathematics that, unless there's some subsidy, either from the overlying concern losing money to subsidize it, or from the government subsidizing it through tax money, the operation just won'd fly. pun intended.

what these dreamers overlook is that if we went to this model, about 80% of the haa helicopters would go away. now this is not necessarily a bad thing. even under our current model ('murica!!), at least half of the haa helicopters now in business could go away, and the general public and the requesting agencies (hospitals, ems) would never know the difference.

socialism has benefits, and also costs. surprise? not. everything under the sun is the same.

when you look at a socialized system, yes, you have better quality and lower costs to the most cases, no direct costs...the overall cost of the system is borne by a little bit of tax money from every man jack in the citizenry. like the rega system in switzerland...every taxpayer is assessed a little fee every year and the system is fully funded and if you have to be flown, it's "free."

we don't think that way in 'murica. in our system, it's every man for himself and if you are one of the unlucky few outside of medicare coverage (socialism again, and i can say personally, thank god for it) that has to be flown, well, expect a mega-bill.

the guys calling for a socialist model never stop to think that hundreds and thousands of jobs would go away, and this segment of general aviation, which we have in the good ol' u.s. of a., would go away also. as an aside, this is why there's little or no general aviation in the rest of the taxpayer subsidy of a general aviation system, so *all* the costs of operating non-airline flying...the bugsmashers, the crop-dusters, the charter planes, haa, gom, and such, have to be borne directly by the operator. here in america you pretty much have to be a millionaire to operate a private aircraft yourself as it is...overseas, only the really very very rich can afford one.

it's so true, nothing is free.

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