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You Guys Don't Get It

You Guys Don't Get It  

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Author: Anonymous   Date: 3/20/2017 4:19:43 AM  +12/-3   Show Orig. Msg (this window) Or  In New Window

HAA "Base Managers" (or whatever your organization calls them) should be one of the Med Crew. Here's Why--

Unlike a Military Unit, which has the "Business" of flying to support some activity (Search/Rescue, Ground-Pounding Combat-ers, Logistics, etc., etc.), the BUSINESS of an HAA company is medical care. The aircraft is just the vehicle.

Everything in HAA revolves around Medicine, not Aviation, Capisce? If the Medical industry--the Hospitals and the EMS organizations--don't call, you don't haul, and you'll be out of business in short order. Med Crews are fellow travelers with Hospital-ers and their language, relate to them, make sales pitches (they call 'em "PR's,") to them.

Now at this point I know you Pilots and Mechs are on your hind legs screaming, "Ain't no Nursey gon' tell me how to fly and/or maintain!!" Well, Yes, and No. See the fact is, the Medicals are your aviation customer. I have attempted to point this out many times on here with little or no success. I expect no better results this time. However like the Fool I am, I press on. See the whole Business revolves around you the Mech providing an aircraft in safe and legal shape for you the Pilot to fly safely and legally, to transport the Medicals to get the Patient and take him/her/them somewhere that some Medical authority wants them. And that's it.

In the shop I know you Mechs are large and in charge, and in the air you Pilots are In-Command; not disputing that. But I am also telling you that if you don't do your jobs in such a way that the Job of the Medicals gets done in a safe and efficient manner--and that includes not stressing them out--you ain't a-gonna be wrenching or sticking (respectively) too long. If'n ya don't believe me, just try throwin' yer weight around without restraint and see how long you last. This is a principle that applies in every segment of helicopter flying--Offshore, ENG, Law Enforcement, Utility, and HAA: Don't give the Customer what they want, you're gone.

There is good news. In every HAA there is an Operational and a Maintenance Chain of Command that flows down from the DO and the DOM, respectively. These are the people who provide the framework that stems from the FAR's and the OpSpecs and the Maintenance Manuals. They can't and won't let things get completely out of hand. Despite the exaggerations you hear on JH, no In-Charge Nursey or Medic is gonna tell you, No, we ain't doing that inspection like the Book says is due now, we're overflying it--or, No, you're a-gonna launch VFR at 0300 in fog so thick you could cut it with a knife, Boy! ...Although you hear a lot of stories that make you think this is happening all the time; what is really going on behind these stories is that the Pilot or Mechanic in question has the People skills of a Matador and the emotional intelligence of a drunken blacksmith, and can't master the critical Skill of Smilin'-and-Noddin' until he can call the Boss and get things straightened out...

Look: These "Base Managers" aren't great Leaders like Alexander the Great or Patton or even Franklin D. Roosevelt--They don't make State Decisions, or Direct the War Effort--what they are, in reality, are the people who get told by High Management what to do, and are responsible for carrying out Corporate Policy. They do all the little Nit-Noi Housekeeping Jobs required by management such as Payroll, Admin, Book-Keeping and the Like, make sure all the PR-ing and business development tasks are being done, and provide the Face when visiting Firemen come around. Do You, as a self-respecting Pilot or Mech, really want this Job Description? If the answer is Really Truly YES, I urge you to seek Professional Help.

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